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  • Houston has a Leash Law, which means that you must have complete control of your dog in public to prevent it from running freely. 

  • Retractable leashes are dangerous because you and/or your pet can become easily tangled and injured. Use a regular nylon or leather leash when walking your dog. 

  • Prong, choke, and shock collars are harmful to your dog. Use a flat or rolled collar made of strong materials (leather, nylon, etc.). If you're having issues controlling your dog, use a Gentle Leader or walking harness

  • Training is an important tool to help control your dog’s behavior. You can find many free training videos and channels on YouTube. Training is also healthy and fun for your dog and creates a stronger bond between owner and pet! 

  • We strongly encourage you to socialize your dog (especially puppies) with other pets and people. Socializing teaches your dog to trust others and decreases aggressive behavior. 

Please contact us if you're having issues with your dog's behavior.

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